How Your Attachment Style Affects Your Relationships?

And when people say you’ve developed thick skin or thin skin, it is actually a defense mechanism your mind learned way back. And as you leap towards connection, you need to unlearn a few things.

In this blogging journey, I’ve been unraveling- how life is more about unlearning a few things rather than constantly searching to learn a new fix. In this blog, we explore our atachment tendencies. Lend me your next 10 mins and regard it as an investment because alot of y’all need to hear this.

3 Mindblowing Leadership lessons to learn from Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

The only God I believe in was a man.  A man beyond description, Shivaji Maharaj’s exceptional character and achievements defy simple characterization. His very name struck fear into the hearts of invaders, yet inspired courage that transformed farmers into fierce warriors.…