The equation of success

Hello munchkins! Today we talk about ‘success’ with which the world is so obsessed with but often gets it wrong.

A one-track approach to life never works out. I have seen people focus so much on their studies that they ignore everything else. They ignore sports, nurturing hobbies, social relationships, fitness and all such things that help you grow holistically. In the process, you gain a lot of bookish knowledge but you don’t develop the soft skills required in today’s competitive world- if getting a dream job is your idea of success. I think that’s just becoming wealthy. I think you’re really successful when you are happy with your work life and social relationships. In the same way, all-play and no-study approach also happens to be a one-track approach and seldom works. The time that you have today should be invested to nourish your all-round development and that includes an adequate amount of everything like knowledge, fitness, social relationships, nurturing interests, taking up work of responsibility and even love.

Success is like a chemical equation, it has to be balanced. The reaction will result in success depending on the right amount of every reagent and the quickness will depend on the concentration of the reagents that is the concentration of your efforts. Love and support of your family and friends act as the catalyst in this equation and works wonders if you haven’t already noticed.

One thought on “The equation of success”

  1. I loved it….this should goes to young generation so that they will get to know that study is not a life.

    Superb written my brother …God bless you😘😍

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