Accept your body, but don’t do injustice to it.

I’m gonna talk about some tough things that need to be said about body image issues and body colour insecurities.

Let me start with things that you should already know: Beautiful men and women come in all body types and colours. There is no ideal body type or colour, there are no standards. Every body type with its quirks and style is beautiful and this is not something to just say because it is noble to say so, it really is the truth. There are so many people out there who are confident and at the same time attractive in their skin and body type.

Things that nobody wants to talk about: Although body type is not an issue whether we care for our bodies or not is an issue. If you keep doing injustice to your body and when it shows up, who is to blame? I think, taking care of your body health is our primal responsibility to ourselves. It is a devotion in itself and every person should be committed to tend to their biggest gift~ the body. The way a person treats one’s physique and appearance tells a lot about their grit, character and determination.

I once got this question to answer on Quora:

I feel I am not pretty and no matter how much I tell myself that what’s on the outside does not matter, I still wish I was born pretty. What do I do?

Now, ‘pretty on the outside-pretty on the inside’ is clean bullshit. And who are we kidding when we say what’s on the outside doesn’t matter. And I don’t understand what parameters decide who is good on the ‘inside’? Insides are twisted, its best not labelled. What is on the outside does matter but not in the way in which sometimes people are obsessed with conforming to standards and fair skin. It does matter on an individual style quotient and uniqueness and being healthy and smelling nice and taking some freaking care of yourself quotient. If you think you don’t feel pretty, work on yourself. Tend to yourself, eat healthy, shed weight, gain muscles so you feel good in your skin. Taking care of your mind and body is important. Read that again.

Nick Vujicic

The last time I checked; brown girls, black men, plus-size people, petite/curvy men and women, all kinds of men and women (legs or no legs) were still beautiful (At least those who worked on themselves). Health and beauty is still an art. By beauty, I don’t mean plastering creams and serums all over you, to hide your insecurities. By beauty, I mean healthy glow, lovely hair, whatsoever colour and type they be, you know beauty when you see one. So, if you don’t like what’s underneath your issues, get up, warm-up, start working. You don’t have to conform to someone else’s standards. Be your own kind of beautiful. Be the best version of yourself.

Yet, it is okay to struggle sometimes but it’s brave to rise above your insecurities. No matter what we struggle with, we all are still worthy of love and belonging.

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