Godly odds

# Godly odds

Fear the gods woman!
The voice echoed,
“good girls” keep it down
And so she was told
Your hair be tied
And you better be shy
Apparently, skirts make you shameless
So no hint of your thigh
Do I bury my choices under the neighbours rug
or weave them in a garland for my husband Chuck?
Lovely she already is
Fair and homely they want her to be
But little did they know
She embodied the freaking goddess
They be pleasing so much
Sparkling dusky and her hair astray
Trigger her not
For she wont low lay
Maybe she would flaunt severed hands for her skirt
So the next time a hand reaches for her butt
A fear echoes deep in them first
If time comes,
She would step on the lord creator himself
And make him look meek
with no tinge of regret
Thank the gods, she’s a woman
Her softness is her strength
Words: @Prateik_gawade @curvyside

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