Remember, every difficult situation is a treasure trove. It leaves behind a lesson that changes you a bit during its course. You’re a different person after the incident.

Imagine! How boring life would have been, if all things came easy and there was no struggle at all. The true essence of happiness lies in overcoming struggles. If you had got everything without any struggle, it wouldn’t mean that much to you. I think life would be mundane and boring.

In any difficult situation, always remember that such situations make you who you are, these situations are going to make you better and better, these situations are gonna sculpt you to be stronger and wiser. So, the first thing you should do is be cheerful about it. Make mistakes, fail a lot and then get up every time stronger and better than before and conquer eventually. Every difficult situation is preparing you for something greater which you can only realize after you’ve had the resilience and strength to outlast and conquer these situations.

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