Respect: the concept.

A person who understands mutual respect is a true gentleman or a lady. Mutual respect says everyone is valued as common courtesy. Other than that, respect cannot be commanded or demanded, it is earned. If you’re a person who thinks you “should” be respected for your big achievements, you’re a very miserable person, my dear- because your success is on you, it has nothing to do with the people around you. Earning respect is not a one-time thing, its a continual process.

Elder or younger, teacher or student, politician or a farmer, a priest or a prostitute, a scientist or a waitress; respect is a two way street. Whatever be your status or class of living in the society, whether you earn respect or not depends on your treatment to others. Whether you hold a higher position of authority or sit on a pile of achievements, it does not automatically grant you any of my respect, it’s a process that begins with your first call of action.

People often respect the coat and the boots (Power and status) and not the person. On the other hand, they have prejudices against people who aren’t so well to do. Now, many a time the people who are not so well to do, are not worthy of respect based on their actions of-course but the same is true for the suited-booted people. All I am saying is never have a predetermined mindset, judge people based on their nature, not prejudices. Earn respect, it doesn’t come as a by-product of your age, success, power, gender or all combined.

What you sow, so shall you reap🌾

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