Man v/s Man

We wont need an alien invasion to wipe us out. Mankind is becoming its own arch enemy.

Another victim of mob lynching in Maharashtra. Its unsettling to comprehend what drives regular people to such extreme resort of beating another soul to death. The approach to such acts is no different than what terrorists do. They too are bound to same sort of righteousness and committ heinous crimes without checking the facts or questioning their beliefs. Its not just about the spread of a fake news, its the terrorist mentality breeding among people. Even if the news had been true, this is not the way to react. India is the very land that turned a murderer ‘Valmiki’ into a sage who went on to write the greatest epic of all time ‘ the Ramayana’. India is the land that taught the world about compassion and spirituality. Ancient India was way better that what it is today. We have grown only in the terms of technology and standard of living but have drooped horribly in the terms of our value system and standard of loving.

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